Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County
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Week of July 24-28:

Week 5 - Bug week

Week 5 is Bug week! We will be making bees, ladybugs, snails and caterpillar crafts. For our “no bake” snack we will be making dirt cups with chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies, and gummy worms. Week 5 will ”bee” lots of fun!

Week 5 - Bug week

This week at camp the starfish will be participating in “Bug week”. Look out for bug in their backpacks! On Wednesday we will be making our “no bake” project – a cup of dirt. Get ready for your kids to “Bug” out.

Pizza Day every Friday!!

Week 5 (July 24-28)

It has been another fun week here at “KIDS ROCK SUMMER” CAMP. We’ve been spending our time playing strategy games where we need to work together in order to reach a goal. A “survival” game was played in which we had to use only a scooter and jump rope to get our team across the “ocean”. We also made a cone game which uses a string and ball. The strategy is to swing the string to get the ball into the cone. We have had so much fun team building and working together. We are looking forward to what next week has in store!!

Week 5 - Bug week

The fifth week of camp for dinomites is full of excitement. Other than our daily routine of swim, gym, music and dance we have some really cute, fun bug related projects for our campers. Silly Bug hats will be made on Monday, followed by hand printed butterflies on Tuesday. Campers will do a no-bake project on Wednesday. We will make caterpillars (Paper Plate), and Snails on Thursday as well Bug Puppets to go home on Friday.

Week 5 - Bug week

Slither and crawl into next week…it’s a bug week! Your little critters will be making bug themed crafts, learning about insects, and making famous “cup of dirt” dessert! This summer is “flying” by with how much fun we are having!


   Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, July 26th it will be Crazy Socks Day!

 Wear your crazy socks! Tights, leg warmers, mismatched socks on each leg,

whatever your imagination comes up with.  Thank you!!