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             Joan Green

                Preschool  Director

    Tel: 732-494-3232     Ext.3625      




Bright Beginnings Preschool Staff

                 JCC Hours

         Monday – Friday

         5:45am – 10:00pm*





PS1(am): D.Roberts/J.Moy

PS2(am): M.Strauber/J.DiStaso

PS2(pm): M.Strauber/N.Englert

PS3(am): L.Trotman/S.Banaag

PS3(pm): L.Trotman/S.Banaag

PS4(am): D.Wysoczynski/D.Smith/A.Taub

PS4(pm): J.Moy/J.DiStaso

Family Place: N.Englert/K.Simeon

Board Room: S.Caplan/B.Patel/S.Gregory

Address: 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, 08820 NJ         Tel: 732 494 3232        Fax: 732 548 2850        Email:  

Bright Beginnings Preschool provides programming that touches the family 
in addition to the individual child.We encourage close contact between parents and teachers. To successfully educate a child, our preschool philosophy encompasses the entire family. Parental involvement is a critical component of the child's preschool experience.


Joan Green

Preschool  Director

Tel: 732-494-3232  Ext.3625       Email: