JCC Athletic programs feature varied sports and fitness activities from aerobics to martial arts. Open badminton and paddleball, exciting leagues and tournament play, our outstanding facilities and staff ensure expert instruction in a safe, fully-equipped setting. Classes cover all ages and level of skill.

Offerings include: Preschool Athletic Classes, After School Classes, Youth Basketball Clinics and League play, Men’s Basketball, Karate & Youth Karate, Pickleball, Badminton, Open Gym time & Summer Sports Camps.



  • Members only
  • Reservations must be made online through Appt King (only one person registers per time slot)
  • Registrant gets half court for free play and may bring UP TO 3 other members with them 
  • Time slots are 45 minutes each
  • Registrants must bring their own basketball.
  • Only two people OR one family of up to 4 people (INCLUDING 2 Adults) are permitted at a time.


Dates of class: May 2,9,16,23  June 6,13 *NO CLASS May 30th

It will feature skills and drills taught by our premiere instructor, Jeff Hirschman.

Jeff comes to the JCC with 30 years of basketball experience. He has played, taught, coached, refereed, and managed basketball teams from first graders to teens/adults and even senior leagues. Jeff will provide a safe and effective learning environment for your children.

All participants will be required to wear masks. Parents are asked NOT to stay unless absolutely necessary. Any spectators must wear masks and practice proper social distancing. Balls are taken from the clean bin, used in class and then left in the "to be cleaned" bin when class is over. 

You can register online, by phone or in person at the JCC Front Desk.

Any questions? Email


Grades 1-2  11:15 am-12 pm

COST: $54 Fam members   $64 Youth Members $74 Non-members

Grades 3-7   10:15 am-11:15 am

COST: $59 Fam members $69 Youth Members $79 Non-members

Join Sensei Alec Moore
Tuesdays starting June 1
Level 1--5:15-6 pm
Level 2--6:15-7 pm
Family/Teen members: $109/9 weeks Youth member--$129/9 weeks
Dates: June 1,8,15,22,29 July 6,13,20,27
Our style of martial art is Shaolin Kempo Karate, which blends traditional Japanese hard-style Karate, with the circular motions and rapid striking elements inherent to all forms of Kempo, with the additional soft-style elements of Chinese Kung Fu.
Students earn the opportunity to advance in rank by demonstrating: 
1) Knowledge and proficiency of required materials 
2) Regular class attendance and completing sufficient time at their current rank (please note that the interval between ranks becomes greater as students progress).
3) Adherence to our school's code of conduct, also known as our student creed, and demonstrating these tenets both inside the dojo and outside the dojo in their daily lives. We recite the student creed at the end of each class.
4) Students who do wish to earn the rank of green belt must have competed in forms and sparring in at least one tournament.
Code of Conduct/Student Creed
  • Courtesy - Showing sincere respect for others
  • Integrity - Being honest and doing what is right
  • Perseverance - The ability to endure hardship and not succumb to adverse circumstances
  • Self-Control - Exercising appropriate restraint and control of one's self, both physically and emotionally, in all aspects of martial arts training and daily life
  • Indomitable Spirit - Self-confidence and unwavering commitment in striving to achieve one's goals and ambitions within martial arts, academics and daily life 
*To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, students will have their temperatures taken when they arrive, use hand sanitizer before class, wear masks and practice social distancing. .

For more information, please contact:
Laurie Post, Director of Operations, Health & Wellness or the JCC Front Desk. 732-494-3232 ext.3605