Women's Discussion Group

Date: April 28, 2022

Facilitator: Esther Fendrick
Thursdays from 11AM - 12 NOON
The JCC Women's Discussion Group is designed for women seeking meaningful daytime learning, interaction and stimulating conversation in a relaxed setting with new and old friends.

April 28, 2022:  Book Banning and Censorship…are we back in the 1950’s? There has been a precipitous rise in the control, censor and ban literature in our schools and communities over the past few years, particularly during the past 2 years. Why is this happening? What rights do or should parents and school districts have to censor literature? Is this good or bad for our children and/or our society? Let’s discuss.

Questions?  Call Esther Fendrick at 732-593-5969.


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