Our Vision for the Future

New Facilities...New Experiences

Karen and Rob can come for a morning lecture in a beautiful, well lit program room or even exercise, then meet friends for lunch prepared in the new kitchen, and even stay for a music program in the afternoon, all while the preschool children are playing down the hall in the gym.

Suresh and Shashi will be able to enroll their 3 year old son in our wonderful Bright Beginnings Preschool, no longer on the waiting list. He will learn in new classrooms, and be able to enjoy expanded STEM enrichment.

Larry, Joe, Steve and Gabe can play pickleball or paddleball in the gym, without having to stop early to make room for a Yoga class.

This is the impact of LifeLong Living at the JCC: “The JCC swim team has been a part of our family for more than 14 years. Every October at tryouts is like coming home. The JCC and the swim team have helped our daughters become the fierce competitors they are while learning to work as a team to accomplish one ultimate goal. The JCC has kept our girls swimming together for over 15 years. That's something that you can't put a price tag on. The JCC in Edison has given our daughters the opportunity to compete on a team that started them off as the youngest children on the team and has groomed them into the team leaders as the oldest swimmers on the team. Thank you coaches for always believing in our girls.” Kathy & John P.

We will now expand to ensure opportunities for LifeLong Living for the entire community, for people of all ages, needs and interests, including Baby Boomers, Seniors, those with Special needs and our young families and children, all who seek education, socialization, enrichment, stimulation and assistance in healthy, fulfilling lifelong experiences. Our future will include:

  • More children benefitting from early education, socialization, enrichment, aquatics, music and art, and formative development;
  • More seniors participating in socialization, health and wellness, cultural arts and therapeutic services, in safe, accessible, enriching spaces, with more healthy meal opportunities;
  • Expanded year-round Health & Wellness programs, including fitness, nutrition, sports and clinic   programs, reaching adults of all ages;
  • Enhanced youth sports programs;
  • Comprehensive, multi-faceted special needs programs in accessible, appropriate space, including respite opportunities;
  • Increased community, holiday and cultural celebration programs and events in cutting edge program space, with state of the art sound/multi-media and acoustic system, new kitchen and warm,  welcoming aesthetics;