A committee of financial service providers, attorneys and accountants who will create a framework for gift planning for prospective donors is being developed, one of which will be our planned giving officer. The depth of knowledge in financial and estate planning facilitates us in fully utilizing available gift vehicles. The following represent some of the various Planned Giving mechanisms that will be available to donors.


Life insurance - One of the easiest ways to make a contribution to the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County (JCC) is by a donor naming the JCC the owner of their life insurance policy. Donors will be able to currently deduct the full value of the policy and deduct any future premium payments as charitable donations.


Bequests – Donors making a bequest in their Wills is another simple way to support the campaign. They will bequest a certain dollar amount, a property or a percentage of their estate. The language is simple and straightforward. In their Will they only need to state, "I give and bequeath $_____ (or _____% of the rest and residuary of my estate), to The Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County”.


Appreciated Securities – Many individuals will seek to donate in this fashion. By donating appreciated securities to the JCC, donors will receive an income tax deduction for the current value of the securities and pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation.


Real Estate – Donors will be able to donate their home or other property to the JCC, while also retaining the use of it during their lifetime, through Life estates. After making the donation, donors will receive an immediate tax deduction equivalent to the property's fair market value.


Charitable remainder trust - Donors may opt to set up a charitable remainder trust, allowing family or other non-charitable beneficiary to receive the income from the trust for a specific period of time. Once this elapses, the JCC will receive the principal from the trust.


Charitable lead trust - A charitable lead trust is similar to a charitable remainder trust except that the family or other beneficiary would receive the principal, while the JCC will receive the income generated by the trust.


Charitable Gift Annuity


Retirement Plans & IRA’s - Donors will provide funds either directly from these sources or through designating the JCC as a beneficiary of such funds.

For more information, or to inquire about donor opportunities, please contact:

Laurie Bell, Senior Development Officer at 732.593.5961 or

Talia Tor, Development & Engagement Manager at 732.593.5967 or

Adam Glinn, Chief Executive Officer at 732.593.5965 or

Disclaimer: These descriptions are for information purposes only and do not constitute tax or legal advice. Please consult with your legal, financial, insurance, or estate planning professionals to understand the implications of a gift for your particular circumstances and goals.