By initiating a planned gift to the JCC of Middlesex County you will support causes, programs and services that are important to you for future generations. A planned gift is a tax-smart way to help ensure that our children, grandchildren and our community will enjoy a vibrant JCC and a place to grow and enhance their lives. Our JCC Development staff will provide you with options and information at your request. You may also designate your planned gift in honor or in memory of a loved one.



For more information, or to inquire about donor opportunities, please contact:
Adam Glinn
 Director of Development & Administration at 732-494-3232 ext. 3614 or 732-593-5965
Dorothy Rubinstein Chief Executive Officer at 732-494-3232 ext. 3614 or 732-593-5961

Disclaimer: These descriptions are for information purposes only and do not constitute tax or legal advice. Please consult with your legal, financial, insurance, or estate planning professionals to understand the implications of a gift for your particular circumstances and goals.