The JCC building may be closed but our hearts are open and looking to help! Our dedicated team is reaching out to JCC community members, remaining in touch. Bright Beginnings Preschoolers are making good use of their time at home to create heartfelt cards and personal notes to those essential service providers and businesses in our community who cannot remain at home because they are providing much needed services and goods to all of us!

We encourage you to create a card and drop it off in our collection box that will be placed outside the JCC main entrance beginning on Monday. No envelopes, please, just cards and notes. We will make sure they are delivered with love, care and concern. Remain well and safe-More online content coming soon!



The following video was created by our preschool student and her family. Naira is showing us how to fight the Corona monster. 

Thank you Naira and your family for creating these wonderful, educational videos for all of us! We are so proud to have you as our student at Bright Beginnings PreSchool at the JCC of Middlesex County! We miss you and hope to see you back in your classroom soon.


 Wishing all our Bright Beginnings Families to remain safe and well! ❤️



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