Project Summary

Marion and Norman Tanzman Center for LifeLong Living & Bright Beginnings Preschool at the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County Project


Project Objective and Rationale for expansion:

Our wonderfully diverse community experiencing the JCC is growing in numbers and in enthusiasm for the activities and experiences. More people come to the JCC for programs, trips, opportunities and services, and the JCC has become the center of their lives outside their homes. The JCC must provide more expansive and appropriate spaces to enhance programs for people of all ages, seniors, baby boomers, those with Special Needs, young families and children, to educate, enrich, stimulate and assist in healthy, fulfilling living.

Of paramount importance are improvements to accessibility, safety, and security, enabling more seniors and baby boomers to participate. Concurrent with adding new and improving existing program spaces, the JCC will transform the socialization, intellectual and health and wellness experiences of our present adult populations. The JCC will also impact a new and growing group of seniors and baby boomers seeking such opportunities, but presently unable to participate because of the current facility limitations. In short, this project enables the JCC to improve the lives of more people in more ways. 


This project features:

  • Large Multipurpose room with a stage
  • 2 additional program and meeting spaces
  • New Kitchen
  • New Lounge and social gathering space
  • New Outdoor Courtyard
  • New security and reception area
  • State of the art Multi Media/Sound system
  • New staff offices and renovations to the Lobby and 1st floor common areas


This project also creates new Bright Beginnings Preschool Early Childhood Education space, including:

  • New state of the art Preschool Classrooms and Enrichment room
  • Renovated existing classroom spaces
  • New teacher preparatory & resource room
  • New conference room and staff offices
  • New Special Needs program space


It is the capstone to the impact of our JCC, recognizing the importance of LifeLong Living to the community, as people of all ages seek positive experiences, and enhancing the provision of programs and services.


 Accessibility, Safety & Security:

  • Relocation of Senior and other adult programs from 2nd floor facilities to new spaces on the main floor, with enhanced security and monitoring. Easier and safer access for those with difficulty ambulating stairs, especially in emergency situations
  • Enhance security and accessibility; 1st Responders able to reach and assist participants more quickly and safely. Enable better monitoring and security of Early Childhood Education wing, limiting access by those unrelated to the children and children's programs


  • Allows JCC to expand its present facility, programs and services to better meet the needs of our growing population of all ages, backgrounds and interests
  • Develops new program spaces for increased and enhanced health & wellness, performing and cultural arts, socialization programs and services, nutrition and other services for adult population, particularly baby boomers and senior adults, those on fixed incomes and otherwise vulnerable adults
  • Creates new Special Needs program space for those on the Autism spectrum and caregivers
  • Provides new Preschool classroom and Early Childhood enrichment space that is state of the art functional and welcoming, with improved staff office and teacher preparatory space

Early Childhood Education Facilities, Enrichment, Aquatics, Special Needs and Health and Physical Education Programs and Services:

  • Creates new and transitions existing space on 2nd floor for new Classrooms, renovated facilities and improved security
  • Responds to long wait list for admission to Best in Class JCC Bright Beginnings Preschool
  • Provides expanded Enrichment programs, including enhanced STEM enrichment, Aquatics, sports programs, and services for youths and families, adults of all ages and those with Special Needs


Scope of Project:

  1. Construct approximately 6,500 sf. of new adult Center for LifeLong Living, including a large multipurpose room with a stage dedicated for various larger scale programs and meals, with two (2) additional program and meeting rooms for programs, lectures and recreation and other opportunities, new secure Welcome and reception entrance, a new lounge and social gathering space, an outdoor courtyard, as well as new bathrooms and new facility maintenance and management space to maximize utility and ease of function.
  2. Creation of approximately 500 sf. of new Special Needs space for programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum disorders and their caregivers, including space that provides for the sensory and developmental needs to foster comfortable, accessible and create interactive programs and which supplements the Aquatics and Fitness components of the JCC Special Needs offerings.
  3. Construction of new full service Kitchen, adjacent to and with access to/from Center for LifeLong Living. Kitchen will be able to serve Adults and compliment programs and services from direct access. Kitchen will include new cabinetry, commercial grade appliances and work space, and safety features. Kitchen to be designed to facilitate interactive cooking classes, as well as for luncheons, dinners and special events, including hot meals for senior and other adult programs and to compliment preschool, summer day camp and special needs programs.
  4. Construction of four (4) new offices, approximately 400 sf., adjacent to the new Center to relocate the Senior Adult Services and Adult Program Directors and staff members from the 2nd floor, providing direct accessibility of professional staff to the members, participants and the 1st floor activity space.
  5. Renovation of existing former Café (approx. 240 sf.) into Library and Meeting Room, with internet access.
  6. Construct approximately 4,300 sf. of new Early Childhood Education wing, home to the Bright Beginnings Preschool, including two (2) new Preschool Classrooms with bathrooms on an expanded 2nd floor, new, distinct, secure and restricted entrance to the Preschool wing, along with new teacher resource, preparatory and library room, a new Parent-Teacher Conference room, new Enrichment program and Special Needs program space, new staff offices, an additional new bathroom, and additional facility maintenance and management space. The new staff offices will alleviate overcrowding in existing professional offices, as currently many offices are shared by 2 staff members, with staff also having to use program space for office space. A new conference room, designed as and for future classroom space, will enable the Bright Beginnings Preschool to further expand as enrollment dictates. Additionally, conversion of an existing 2nd floor Senior Adult program and Board room (approx. 800 sf.) into another classroom with its own bathroom (thus resulting in 3 new classroom spaces), will assist in alleviating a persistent Preschool enrollment waiting list of up to 70 children, providing more children with access to the JCC Best in Class Preschool program and creating additional space for Early Childhood Enrichment and Special Needs programs.
  7. Upgrades to the existing full Gymnasium, to include state-of-the-art sound and acoustical modifications so as to enable the gym to have a multi-use capability. The gym will also have its own facility maintenance and management space to maximize utility and ease of function.
  8. Installation of State-of-the-Art multi-media/sound system with upgraded acoustics in all new facilities, for enhancement and expansion of various programs, including interactive fine and performing arts, lectures and other programs necessitating quality sound, acoustical and media functionality.
  9. Upgrades to Lobby and 1st floor hallways, including enhanced security measures, improved and energy efficient lighting, new Welcome Desk, and wall and ceiling renovations.
  10. Additional parking adjacent to new facility area