Thank You for Sharing this Journey with Us

and for Supporting the Vision for LifeLong Living at the JCC

LifeLong Living 
at the JCC of Middlesex County is more than a phrase or tagline, more than simply an expanded building. LifeLong Living at the JCC is a vision of the future, a future where you can come to the JCC and find what you are looking for to meet your interest, your needs. LifeLong Living at the JCC will provide increased programs, services and opportunities for every stage in life. LifeLong Living at the JCC will continue to open doors to a facility that reflects the special relationship that we have with our members and the greater community, which will expand to meet the growth in our community, while maintaining our mission and values.

The JCC is honored and privileged to be the center of this community. We enthusiastically accept the responsibility of enriching the lives of our members and all those who enter our doors.

We are so appreciative of your willingness to join us on this journey to create the Center for LifeLong Living and to expand the Bright Beginnings Preschool. We THANK YOU for your continued support of this vision and project, which will ensure fulfilling and enriching experiences for many more people at all stages and circumstances of life. THANK YOU!