Welcome Messages from our Leadership

Barbara Muhlgeier President JCCMCBarbara Muhlgeier
President, JCC of Middlesex County

Here at the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County we embrace our entire community and offer a variety of programs to suit everyone's needs and interests. I am so excited about the programs we are developing and refining to meet the needs of all adults in our community. Our collective passion is to ensure the JCC continues to provide cutting-edge programming for adults of all ages and interests. Our children also have many great friends they met in Preschool; those friendships continue today. So as I think back, many of us left this building as parents of Preschool graduates and now are a part of our Booming Baby Boomers. As our families grow we look from generation to generation to continue our connections with the “J”. Quoting Jon Bon Jovi - “Who says you can’t go home”. The JCC has always been my home. I hope you will make it yours as well.

Barbara Spack
LifeLong Living Capital Campaign Co-Chair

Howard Zuckerman
LifeLong Living Capital Campaign Co-Chair


JCC Community friends and members, When we were asked to lead this campaign, LifeLong Living at the JCC of Middlesex County, we were honored and excited. This campaign is about creating a place for all to experience LifeLong Living. We reach out to you today as members and friends who care about our JCC as much as you do! We see you using the health and wellness programs, bringing your children to Preschool, involved in the many arts and culture programs, and we see you socialize with others and learn from our inclusive in-depth educational programs. We even know that you experience the programs that we bring to your communities and assisted living facilities. It makes us so proud to provide all of these opportunities for you and for us. Moving forward, you will be even more proud of our JCC, as you bring more friends to enjoy the facility with you and realize that the contributions we are all making create a stronger community that is more independent. Enabling our members to “age in place” in their own homes while still learning, staying healthy and having fun at the JCC gives us joy that we are making a difference in so many lives. We look forward to your joining us in our efforts to grow our “LifeLong Living” experiences at the JCC.

Adam Glinn 
Chief Executive Officer

“LifeLong Living” at the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County. What is “LifeLong Living”? LifeLong Living for Whom? If someone would have told me 20 years ago that in 2022 the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County would be the center of our community, that thousands of people of good will, of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, would walk through our doors, participate in our programs, take our trips, hear our speakers and our music, train, exercise, swim, get healthy and share a meal and a laugh in our facility, I would have been skeptical. If someone would have told me that in 2022 the JCC would be preparing for the most significant expansion of its facility and programs in its history, I would have dismissed them. WOW, would I have been wrong on all accounts! As the JCC nears our 38th anniversary, this initiative, “LifeLong Living” at the JCC of Middlesex County, represents a transformative moment in time. And yet, this campaign is about more than expanding a building. It is about strengthening community, creating greater opportunities for interaction, personal and communal growth, enrichment, and providing healthier and more stimulating lives and life experiences. It is also about creating a place that is more welcoming and accessible, warmer and more comfortable, and that meets the needs and interests of more people. As the Chief Executive Officer and former Director of Development at the JCC I could not be more excited, proud and confident in the future of the JCC and the positive impact this project will have on our members and the greater community. Join Us! Be part of transforming the community, your life and the lives of all who enter our doors. We welcome you with open doors and open arms!