In Person Only

Facilitator: Esther Fendrick
Thursdays from 11AM - 12 NOON
The JCC Women's Discussion Group is designed for women seeking meaningful daytime learning, interaction and stimulating conversation in a relaxed setting with new and old friends.


April 28, 2022:  Book Banning and Censorship…are we back in the 1950’s? There has been a precipitous rise in the control, censor and ban literature in our schools and communities over the past few years, particularly during the past 2 years. Why is this happening? What rights do or should parents and school districts have to censor literature? Is this good or bad for our children and/or our society? Let’s discuss.

May 26, 2022:  May 25, 2020, what happened and what has been its impact? On May 25, 2020 George Floyd, a black man, was murdered by Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. What has been the impact of that event on American society, American policing and race relations? Has the relationship between law enforcement and the public improved or gotten worse? Where are we now?

June 30, 2022:  Challenges …Are the challenges you face today different than the challenges you faced when you were younger? All of us experienced challenges as we became adults, created families, established careers.  Are the challenges of today different from those you faced as a younger you.  Are they easier or more difficult to overcome?  Would you change places with today’s adults and families?

Questions?  Call Esther Fendrick at 732-593-5969.